Payment terms

Terms and conditions MBS Football

1. Registration
When the customer completes the order and accepts the terms, it establishes
a binding contract between both parties. When buying the products you also
accept responsibility for themselves and the person they sign up. It is the
customer’s responsibility to read and understand MBS Football ABs terms &
To provide the MBSs Products, we must process information about the
participant and legal guardian. Responsible for your information is MBS
Football AB, Limhamnsvägen 22B, 217 59 Malmö, org nr 559284-7585 and is
handled in line with GDPR rules and regulations.

2. Payment
The order is approved when payment has been made.
All orders must go through the booking system at

3.Force Majeure
The event may be cancelled if it is determined war, natural disasters,
terrorism, pandemics (covid-19) or other events of the same caliber. And
there are reasonable assumptions that it will still take place when the event
If cancelled for reasons mentioned above, the client has the right to be
The event cannot be cancelled for the mentioned reasons above if it was or
should have been known before booking. MBS follows the local authorities

4. Cancellation by participants
If cancelled for reasons other than force majeure, the customers will not be
refunded. To avoid any inconveniences we ask you to make sure you have
the right insurances to possibly get economic compensation.

5. Insurance
MBS Football events involve a risk for physical injuries, and all participants
are strongly advised to have insurance that covers such cases. The customer
is responsible for taking out necessary and recommended insurance.

By accepting these terms & conditions, the customer is denied the right to
sue MBS Football AB or any partners, subsidiaries, company’s employees
related to incidents related to physical injuries.

6. Cancellation by MBS Football
MBS Football may cancel an event if:
There are too few participants when the registration deadline is reached to
complete the event.
Conditions at the destination entail a risk to the customer’s lives and health
If a cancellation is necessary, MBS Football is required to inform the
customer in writing as soon as they are familiar with the situation. The
customer is entitled to a full refund of what has been paid to MBS Football.
If MBS Football finds it necessary to cancel an event that has begun, the
participant can claim a refund corresponding to the days that were not
MBS Football is not responsible for any costs to third parties (ex.
transportation, accommodation). Therefore we strongly advise having
insurance that covers these potential cases.

7. Obligations for the parties
7.1 MBS Football obligations
Representatives from MBS Football must show up prepared at the agreed
Representatives of MBS Football are responsible for running the event and
providing the program purchased.
7.2 Participant’s obligations
The participants (including players and parents/family) are responsible for
reading all information sent by MBS Football to the participant prior to the
event. Participants must accept decisions where the coach can change their
positions, agenda or other sports-related matters.

8. Refund disclaimer
Refund terms related to defects of the sports program. Participants are not
entitled to claim a refund for the player’s position or for the quality of the
coach neither the program.

9. Use of images in marketing
By accepting the Terms & Conditions, the customer allows the use of photos
and videos of the player in marketing  activities for MBS Football

10. Disclaimer
By accepting these Terms & Conditions the customer is denied the right
to sue MBS Football AB or any partners, subsidiaries, company’s
employees or other persons related to MBS Football AB.